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Food Kuwait - Brands in Kuwait


Al Wazzan
The company’s own Heritage Brand “Al Wazzan” is perceived to be the #1 pure quality foodstuff products in the Kuwait market and it is the dominant and established market leader in its categories such as Basmati Rice, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Tuna, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Coconut Powder, Tea, Olive Oil, Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Paste, Rose Water, Vinegar, Grape Leaves... etc...
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=26
Kuwait No 1 selling Vinegar, Available in 3 different Flavors, Apple, White & Brown
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=44
Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker takes her title as the “first lady of food” seriously. For more than 80 years, Betty Crocker products have been helping families create convenient, delicious meals and easy-to-make, great-tasting desserts. Popular Betty Crocker products include an extensive line of dessert mixes and frostings, such as SuperMoist cake and Rich & Creamy frosting. Betty Crocker also leads the way in convenient meals through the Helper line of meal starters and side dishes, such as Flavored Mashed Potatoes.
For More Info http://www.bettycrocker.com
“Bluebird” brand is owned M/S Citrus World Inc., Florida, USA, a co-operative of 1100 citrus growers controlling 65,000 acres of citrus grow. Citrus World Inc. Unlike other juice companies, making juices is not a sideline for them; it is their only business. They proudly say, “We own the land, we own the trees and we own the company”. Because they own the trees, they are more selective during harvesting and select only the highest Quality fruit to make their juices. Like any other agricultural crop the taste of the fruit differs in various seasons and timings. Since Citrus World is grower and processor they can blend the various crops to one uniform taste and give a consistency in taste for it’s juices
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=219
Capilano's Premium Honey is a pure blend of eucalypt and ground flora honeys rich in character and flavour. These honeys consist of light and dark coloured honey and strong and mild flavoured honey which are blended together to give a product that is generally a consistent flavour and colour. In times of extreme honey shortage, the colour and flavour of 'Pure Honey' can vary due to a smaller selection of honey varieties that are available for blending.
For More Info http://www.capilano.com.au
100% Natural Oil.
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay.asp?catId=2
Consul Olive Oil extracted from the best olive crops in spain to give you the best taste and the highest quality through a strict processing techniques to ensure taste and to enrich you recipes with the ultimate lovely taste of olive oil.
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=75
Cooper is famous boiled rice from uruguay. Best quality and taste, cooper is the leading boiled rice brand in Kuwait.
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=73
Coroli - Sunflower Oil & Corn Oil Coroli’s production and packaging facilities provide state of the art procedures which means a top quality product is always guaranteed. Consumers around the world are becoming increasiingly health and quality conscious, so Coroli put great emphasis on the high quality and healthy image from a health perspective. Coroli products are 100% natural and superior in quality.
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay.asp?catId=2
Louisiana favorites, made with fresh cayenne peppers. We grind and process the peppers ourselves for more pepper content, more pepper taste. Controlled heat level keeps the accent on flavor. Crystal has a range of products : Sauces, Mayonnaise , Salad Dressing , Syrups, Grape leaves.
For More Info http://www.baumerfoods.com/
Dana Vegetables
The Brand "Dana" vegetable is selected quality, freshly packed & great taste frozen vegetables. Value for money.
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=237
Green Giant
Finally! One of the greatest names in packaged vegetables enters your kitchen and your heart! Green Giant. A Giant symbol of reliability, high quality, convenience and of course superior taste. Whenever you meet Green Giant, do not hesitate to invite him at your table and get ready for the most delicious meal of your life!
For More Info http://www.greengiant.com/
Greenmore is choice quality, tasty canned mushrooms. Available in two varieties Whole & Pieces and stems. value for money.
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=230
Kimball is one of the leading sauce brands in Kuwait. Kimball Tomato and Chilli sauces are produced from specially selected tomatoes and chillies.
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=60
Maatouk Coffee : A Range of Coffees : 'to please every taste bud'
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay.asp?catId=58
Al Massah is a popular cooking oil brand in Kuwait. Al Massah cooking oil is tasty, 100% natural, 100% healthy and cholesterol free oil and enriched with vitamin - E.
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay.asp?catId=2
Mottamad is the pure Indian basmati rice. The great taste, great aroma and also available in good price, value for money
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=3
Nature Valley
Nature Valley - Granola Bars : The Taste Nature Intended®. Though much has changed since Nature Valley introduced the world’s first granola bar in 1975, one thing hasn’t: no matter how many new flavors we create, you can be assured that with Nature Valley you’re always getting The Taste Nature Intended®.
A Brand which gives you the freshest pineapple canned with sugar syrup.
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=25
Fresh-from-the-oven Pillsbury baked goods make any meal or occasion feel more special. With their great taste and tantalizing aroma, Pillsbury products and the Pillsbury Doughboy have been delighting consumers for years.Popular Pillsbury products include refrigerated biscuits, dinner rolls, cookies and sweet rolls, as well as frozen biscuits and dinner rolls, and frozen breakfast pastries.
For More Info http://www.pillsbury.com/
Poppins Corn Flakes - The Poppins factory lies in the heart of the Bekaa vally, in the middle of nature where the finest wheat, corn and other cereals blossom under the warm golden sun. Poppins uses the latest equipment and methods in the production of a wide array of breakfast cereals, all famous for their memorable taste and freshness. Today Poppins is the perfect delicious meal providing the daily essential minerals and vitamins needed for optimal growth. Poppins is now part of every home and family, the heart of everything healthy that matters.
For More Info http://www.wazzan.com/productdisplay.asp?catId=49
SunRice rice is the perfect start for delicious, nutritious meals and snacks that everyone will love. From quick & easy snack ideas and shortcuts for popular family meals, to more authentic varieties for international flavours.
For More Info http://www.alwazzanfood.com/productdisplay1.asp?id=71
Tanmiah Chicken